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Corporate Identity design can make or break your campaign


There are few arenas in the world as competitive as the business world. There can only be so many sales, so much profit, and only so many customers. That means that all businesses who want to have continued success have to focus their energy on creating a corporate image and identity that will attract customers. Your corporate identity is the first impression your customers will have on you. It can either make or break your company.



How to design a logo?

logo design

Companies logos are everywhere and we see them almost everywhere - walking, driving, reading, watching TV, while surfing the net. Literally everywhere. At a time when every company must have a website to promote themselves and their products, the need for a logo is really huge. And as more and more companies are investing in the logo and the brand becomes more difficult to design a logo that will stand out from the fierce competition.

And what is a good logo?